Passed 901

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Hey there!

Just wanted to share my experience in hopes it may help someone else.

I'm a network engineer, so I don't do "A+" stuff on a daily basis, but I do know enough about systems and hardware to be dangerous (coming up on my 5 year mark in IT) - just so you know my background.

I'm attending WGU and the 901 was a requirement for me and they use uCertify material. I went through all the labs, quizzes and tests, but only read the material I wasn't familiar with (mainly printer stuff).

I also watched Anthony S. CBT Nuggets and Prof. Messer's videos as well.

I scored pretty high on the exam, and if I'm being honest, I may have been able to pass with no studying whatsoever. Not because I'm a super sharp dude, but because the exam was incredibly straight forward if you've been in the field for any amount of time.

So, the TLDR - if you have experience in the field, watching the CBT Nuggets and/or Prof. Messer's videos may be enough to pass. If you don't have any real world experience, I'd probably supplement the videos with a study guide of some sort.

Hope this helps some of you. Good luck, and God bless!



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