Linux+ Worth It?

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Hello All!

I am taking the CISSP exam this coming Tuesday. If I pass, I want to take few days off then jump into another cert since I am in that study zone.

I just want to be more familiar with Linux in general. This has been a goal of mine for YEARS but never get around to it. I plan to make the jump for my main computer to Fedora and figured Linux+ would be a great way to really learn the OS better. What are your thoughts about that? Plus figured it wouldn't hurt adding something else on the resume. :D

I have a fileserver running ZFS which is on OmniOS (Unix based) and used to have to use putty for server maintenance on various jobs in the past. However, mostly everything I just googled to get to work. I would like to just be more familiar with it as I am tired of Windows in general.


Edit: Also, how hard is this compared to the Security+? How long should I study for... 1-2 weeks? Security+ and CEH I banged out in 2 weeks of study each. Granted I study every free spare time I have. Before & After work and weekends.


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    Well, whether it is worth it or not depends on a few factors. The first and largest in my mind will center around whether you are looking to add a Linux certification for possible future employment opportunities or whether it is for personal development and/or enjoyment.

    If the answer is yes to part one, then the Linux+ certification will probably not provide you with any real ROI. The time and energy it takes to bang out both tests, not to mention the cost, added to the lack of demand in the workforce, leads me to this conclusion.

    If the answer is yes to part two, then it will provide you with value, assuming you simply pick up books that cover the current tests and do not take the tests.

    If you plan to become certified and want to use the certification to boost your salary or to change positions, then I would recommend getting the RHCSA certification. Based off of my research, the RHCSA has far more demand than the Linux+. The information in any of the courses and books that cover the exam will not only develop your knowledge but if you lab extensively you should see your skillset greatly developed, as well.

    Take my advice with a grain of salt, mind you, as I only attained the Linux+ certification since it is part of my degree program. Once I complete my degree I will be studying for, and sitting for, the RHCSA exam.
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    I think it depends on location etc where I live there is huge demand for people with Linux skills and the average salary is around 30-40k a year sterling.

    Furthermore it wouldn't hurt to know if you plan with progressing in Infosec as knowledge of Linux can greatly help.
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    I have a Linux+ book to learn the basics... but I may or may not sit for the exam.
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  • ZzBloopzZZzBloopzZ Member Posts: 192
    Thanks for the replies all. I will probably just skip it since my Security+ I never ended up using and hardly learned anything from it. Looking at CISM or CCSP now.
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    I'm probably going to get Linux+ just because I want a Linux cert on my resume. I've used Linux for years and it would be nice to have a cert in place of just telling HR I know Linux. A lot of people have told me RHCSA is better, and it probably is a more valuable cert. But it's also $400 in one go, so more money to lose if you fail. I think I'd go the redhat route if I were aiming specifically for system administration, but since that's not my goal, I think Linux+ will be a good choice.
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    If you have the time to study for it, go for it.
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