CCNA R/S Lab complete with photo....

sferg410sferg410 Posts: 129Member
Here it is.. Now, what do I do with it?


  • clarsonclarson Posts: 897Member ■■■■□□□□□□
    get out your study materials. As you read/view (whether you have books or videos) the materials and learn what you need to know for what is on the test. Use your equipment to actually use the commands. And, to enforce your knowledge do it several times, so you can do it without looking at your study materials.
  • sferg410sferg410 Posts: 129Member
    Thanks for the reply, was more of a joke statement though "Phil 'SHIELD' Clarson".....

    What do you think of the setup?
  • fmitawapsfmitawaps Posts: 261Banned
    Why do you have so many console cables? I only use 1 for my 3 2811's and 4 3560s. And your routers are facing backwards.

    And I took the rack mounting tabs off my switches and routers.
  • sferg410sferg410 Posts: 129Member
    Well all the parts came with console cables or I got them for free so I will see if i can connect them all up into a USB hub and not have to ever unplug and change.
    I know the routers are backwards, it shows the modules and leads... It is how they all seem to be in photos of set up in cabinets and rack mounts etc.. have wondered about that though. What way around should the routers be people?
  • R2dTOOR2dTOO Posts: 13Member ■□□□□□□□□□
    I always rack my routers the other way. Here is my lab:

    From top to bottom: Cisco 2509 (access server), Catalyst 3550, 2x Cisco Catalyst 2950, 3x Cisco 2811

    Like others have said, practice everything that you have read. There are also some great sites with labs. I'll look them up, and post later.
  • clarsonclarson Posts: 897Member ■■■■□□□□□□
    here is a link to pictures of a lot of people's labs:

    I'm like you, I want all ports out where I have access to them.

    Looks good to me. Just need to get studying. You'll move some of the ethernet cables around to connect your routers to the switches, connect your console cables up, and connect an ethernet cable from you computer to your lab, so you telnet/ssh directly from your computer to the equipment.
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