Would you buy a motherboard for apple phone one the Internet?

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Someone asked me this recently; his phone battery connector fall from the motherboard, so welding the connector back would be the best idea, but not that practical when you can buy a new motherboard for a few dollars.

My concern is mostly about security. Using a motherboard not provided by Apple could certain contains something that it is not supposed to. I don't know deep details for that kind of hardware, except being suspicious about it.

So any thoughts about that?



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    I went to change a keyboard in an HP 2000 laptop today. I had first seen the computer last week and ordered a replacement keyboard for it. So I got to the guys' house and took along a laptop I had for sale because he expressed interest when I mentioned it. I had advertised it for $200, but I made him a special price of $300 because I knew he had just received some nice cash money. But he was more interested in something his neighbor was doing, I could barely get his attention on the laptop.

    However, a friend of his was there and he seemed interested, so we will see what happens. He wanted my phone number so I gave it to him. Got to keep the cashflow coming in!

    This guy with the HP2000 was an idiot. I mean he was a REAL idiot, and he had less of an attention span than the average 5 year old. Guys like him make me look as good as I think I am!icon_cool.gif
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    If I bought anything it would be from ifixit. I'm not sure how tightly integrate the part that locks/unlocks the phone is into the motherboard, so I would research that before I bought a motherboard.
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