Taking 642-801 BSCI Friday - Any tips?

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I'm taking the BSCI (642-801) on Friday. I've used the following so far to study:

Sybex CCNP Complete
KnowledgeNet BSCI
Bryant Advantage BSCI

Personal Lab consisting of:

Do you guys have any tips as to what last minute stuff I should look over or any scenerios you would suggest running w/ the above equipment? (I'm not asking what sims people are seeing, just study tips). Thanks in advance, this forum is a great resource!


  • KwingKwing Member Posts: 21 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Personally, I didn't find the Sybex book to be too helpful. In fact, it threw too much stuff that I didn't need to know into the mix. The Bryant Advantage stuff was the biggest help, along with hands-on stuff.

    Seriously, configuring the protocols hands-on and practicing was the biggest help. I knew the commands cold once I got to the test.
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    icon_eek.gif did i see what i thought i saw
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