Silent Cisco router for home 24/7 on set-up with wi-fi

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Hello. I have 3 x 2800 routers and 3 x 3560 switches for my home lab that is set up in my bedroom. As I am sure you all know these routers are not exactly quiet.
At some point I am thinking I would want to route my whole home internet connection through my Cisco set-up. I am UK based with Virgin Media cable broadband. I could put my Virgin Media router into modem only mode and then use a Cisco router as the router.
My question is, is there a Cisco unit I could add to my set up that is 1) silent. 2)gigabit. 3)wi-fi a/c or at least N. Something like the older 871 but runs latest IOS and meets my criteria?
Basically so I can have a Cisco router on all the time like my Virgin Media one currently is and giving out wi-fi for the others people in the house.


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    Cisco 861w-gn-a-k9 - older but can run IOS 15
    Cisco 860VAE-W-K9 - newer, more expensive
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    well, with enough memory the 871w will run version 15 of the ios. but that doesn't meet your specs.

    the 891w does but it cost more money. and runs the universal version of the ios. Which means if you don't purchase it with the license you want, your going to have pay cisco for a different license.

    Doing as you wish with Cisco branded equipment is pricey.
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    OK, so i see, not even any 891w on ebay UK...
    Maybe further down the line then.
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    People usually find trying to use an enterprise router for home purposes quickly becomes pretty unrealistic financially. Even the 890 doesn't do a gig throughput. What you're paying for are enterprise grade features and stability. Home routers have many less features but can beat them dollar to throughput.
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