Almost passed CCENT / Retake is July 8th

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I am so stoked, I took my CCENT exam today and failed but I was very close in passing. For the 1st time in taking the test I scored 100% in Subnetting! Here is the breakdown

OPeration of IP Data Networks 67%
LAN Switching Technologies 55%
IP Addressing IPV4/IPV6 100%
IP Routeing Technologies 71%
IP Services 75%
Network Device Security 75%
Troubleshooting 57%

Total score was 784
My retake is July 8th. I'm taking tonight off to play some World of Warships or Guildwars 2 then hit the books tomorrow.
This not the first time I have taken the test but with each time I have taken the test I have gotten a higher and higher score.
I really do believe in mys-elf as does my wife. She tells me all time I know this stuff I just have test jitters. I believe next time I take this test I will pass. Good luck to all you other test takers out there.
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