Passed SND. Take 642-502 next?

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Well I passed the SND. I studied for about a week before taking it, it was pretty easy. I used Cisco Press 642-501 and flash cards to study. I got a low 900 on the test. Main reason was because I accidentaly clicked NEXT on a simulation and blew right past it sleeping.gif

Anyway: My question. Since I used a 642-501 book to prepare, should I take the SNRS exam next (642-502) ??? I looked at the objectives, and it covers a lot of the same material in the book I used (642-501).

Will I need any additional hardware for 642-502 exam? What kind of VPN hardware do I need? I have about 8 routers laying around. I could do VPN with them, not sure if the syntax is different on the vpn3000 concentrators.

Thanks in advance


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    thats good info.. a friend of mine is studying for this test as well and i may look at it after my next test
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    Congratulations! icon_thumright.gif

    It's still confusing with the "new" exams and numbering....

    The 642-551 SND is the "new foundation" exam for CCSP (replacing the old 642-501) -- and is getting replaced by the "newer" 642-552 version. That's the one you take and combine with the other exams to get the CQSs (Cisco Qulaified Specialist) Certificates (like the old 542-501 SECUR).

    That makes the 642-502 SNRS the "exam you don't have to study for" if you've taken (and passed) all the other exams -- or at least that's how other people have made it sound. Not sure if its supposedly "easy" because it just asks the "easy" questions from the other exams -- or if it really is an easy exam.

    The CCSP uses the IOS, PIX/ASA, and VPN Concentrator (and Hardware Client) for VPNs -- the exam blueprint makes it sounds like it could be tough.... Maybe it's hard if you take it 2nd and easy if you take it last icon_lol.gif
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