Update: Penn State World Campus - MPS Cyber & Info Assurance

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I said I'd provide some updates with this program as I went, so here's a brief recap of what I've done since my last post.

Courses I've taken/am taking since then:

IST456 - Information Security Management
I don't really remember much about this (I took a semester off after it), but I remember thinking "man, this is like an undergraduate course", then realizing there were also undergrads in the course with me.

In Progress:
IST815 - Foundations of Information Security and Assurance
This is the program's "CISSP prep course", so to speak.....which is based off of the old CBK. I was pretty bummed going into it, expecting it to be meh, but the professor is awesome. If you're in this program and have the option to take Dr. Cole (Robert) for any course, do it. Extremely smart guy who is not just an academic - he has a ton of technical experience and will challenge you, then provide solid feedback. He also updated the course content to align with current information, which he didn't officially have to do and is much appreciated. It's a lot of work, but I'm learning a lot and liking it. This is what I feel like all graduate courses should be.
IST816 - Web Fundamentals
This course is, for some reason, required for my program. Nothing to do with security and feels like an undergrad elective course. Unnecessary amount of work (both group and individual) and no real constructive feedback on assignments (easy A, atleast). This should absolutely be replaced with something that is more relevant to the field - I feel like it is a complete waste of money. /rant

So far - overall, I'll give the program an A for 'completability', an A for 'school/name recognition', and a C for 'value' (if paying out of pocket)


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    I had Dr. Cole last semester and his course was awesome. That term paper was a pain though. Make sure you pick a topic that you are SUPER interested in. Whatever you do, try your best to avoid taking Cotner for 554, even if you quote his exact answer from his (some other professors) slides, he still won't give you full credit. Unfortunately, I think we have to take Cotner for that "Fusion's" class, which is one of the courses I'm not looking forward to. I think my guy Doug is in your 816 class, I enjoyed teaming up with him in Dr Cole class last semester. I'm taking Cyber forensics and that Crisis/Risk Management course now and I'm enjoying them both. So far Cotner has been the only stain on my PSU experience but I still got an "A" in his course. Nice guy though, just a mathematician teaching Network management and it shows...
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    Yeah, we're doing a demonstration so it isn't as bad..I always go for those when possible haha. I had 554 with Ryoo, and not sure about your guy in 816, I'm honestly just doing the bare minimum for that course and waiting for it to end.

    What's up next for you? I only have 3 courses left but we should see if we can line one up. Left for me are 852, 555, and 885.. Then capstone
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