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Passed my 70-271

Quite tough for me as i had no practical experience with networked computers.

Just used the Sybex book.

A lot of questions refered to SP2 which wasn't in the book.

A lot of things i learnt weren't asked ( dynamic disks for example) seemed more interested in domains.

Quite satisfied with my 799 score since i only studied for a week.

But taught me a lesson to. Will complete my MCDST but after that i will give it a rest until i've got some network/ domain experience.

Actually more interested in the hardware side of things, anyone got any suggestions for less administrative exams ?


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    sybex mcdst was amazing, that's what I used as well.
    after you get your mcdst, perhaps you could try and get some experience so that you could continue your track?
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    less administrative exams
    You may want to consider Server+. It seems to be the next one in the A+-Network+ track.

    It deals more with Server hardware than OSs, how to get data on the hard drives, keep it there, and replace it if it gets lost. Also physical security of the data center and disaster recovery subjects are covered.

    I don't consider it very administrative at all--nothing like Microsoft exams.

    Good luck with your decision.
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