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Is this worth the discount? Would it be a good idea to invest in this as a CCENT or am I potentially going to lose my money as the information will be outdated in my potential goal of 3 years?



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    Nothing wrong with learning. The exam might change in the next three years, might not, but the knowledge you gain can help you today!
    An expert is a man who has made all the mistakes which can be made.
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    I found INE to be worth it, but I paid for the All Access Pass. You get access to a ton of videos spanning all the Cisco tracks plus courses on specific technologies.

    If you pay for the bundles you'll have the ability to download the videos. I wouldn't worry so much about the courses being outdated. The fundamentals don't change. Besides, they are current with new exams.

    Their CCIE level videos are great. Tons of detail and depth, plus they compliment the workbook labs. I found myself using the CCIE stuff to study for CCNA.

    You have to figure out if it's worth the cost to you. There are plenty of other resources that can help with CCNA studies that are much cheaper. However, if you are planning to continue to CCNP, CCIE, I would think about the AAP.
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    regarding Routing & Switching:

    INE's ccna bundle is $99.
    their CCNP bundle is $199

    So... You don't start breaking even until you begin the CCIE material- $299.

    People sale INE material is awesome. When i eventually land a job, im gonna purchase their CCNP bundle.

    You already have your CCENT? Have to begun studying for the 2nd part?

    its Hard to say... but i would probably buy the stuff separately.
    I got my ccna by using packet tracer and DansCourses (free & free).
    I then bought $10 udemy vids (chris bryant, etc) to fill in the gaps.

    Landing a Job DOING this stuff will play the biggest factor in becoming a CCIE.
    Maybe don't rush it; enjoy the journey.
    (and maybe a future employer will cover the costs for the material)
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    Are you referring to the all access pass or individual components? Purchasing separate tracks would be fine but you should be able to pass with less expensive options like CBT Nuggets. The all access pass seems like one of the best options for CCIE studies but you wouldn't want to start down that path until you are at least a CCNP.
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