CCIE R/S or CCIE Security

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I need advise whether to pursuit CCIE R/S or CCIE Security. I been working as a Security Engineer at System Integrator Company for 8 years . My job scopes including pre & post deployment of IT security Solution ( Firewall, DNS, Load Balancer, Web Proxy , Network IPS , DDOS Solution etc ). Currently i had CCNP R/S & CISSP + bunch of Security Product Certificate.

Getting CCIE R/S always be my target since university day. Last year i had purchase CCIE R/S books + 4 switches + Dell Server for my CCIE R/S preparation. My progress really slow . Now im thinking whether to continue pursuing CCIE R/S or switch to CCIE Security.It seem CCIE Security have more beneficial for me compare to R/S since im working IT Security line.



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    You're working with security right now, but do you plan to stay in security for the forseeable future? If so, you might get more benefit out of the Security track. But, RS would be beneficial as well. I would recommend that you go for whichever track interests you more. It will be a long road, so you might as well take the path that you find more engaging.
    CCIE Security - this one might take a while...
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