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Hi Guys

Any suggestions on the best study material to use for CCNP Route?
I understand everyone might have there own preferences with regards to most of the Training Videos i have used in the past some are very vague and just skim the surface, whilst others are much more in depth



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    I have really enjoyed CCNP ROUTE Simplified, this is for v1 but I also have a subscription to their website that has a cbt course updated for v2, so anything missing is in that course.

    I also had an INE all access pass and their CCNP course and workbooks were really good as well.
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    I used the FLG Route (better explanations compared to OCG), CBT nuggets and How to Master CCNP Route (book by rene molenaar).

    Also I would advise you to try and recreate the lab examples in GNS3
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    I'd go with the official cert guides and INE's CCNP bundle.
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    Chris Bryants materials, mainly his video series along with his e-book on Kindle go really well together as well, between the two I think he covers the topics well enough to pass the exams (but of course additional training material is always better).
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