Endorsements now completely online. #Finally

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(ISC)² Member Endorsement Process Goes Online - (ISC)2 Blog

We are excited to share news about the upcoming launch of a change to our certification endorsement process. Beginning today, August 17, the process will take place entirely online.
As you know, once an (ISC)² exam has been taken and the results validated, a candidate applying for certification must be endorsed by another (ISC)²-certified professional in good standing before the credential can be awarded. This change will enable candidates and the members endorsing them to easily navigate through the endorsement process online, rather than printing, filling out and mailing documents.
Feedback from our members and candidates is important to (ISC)². We listened to what you had to say and are happy to initiate this change to streamline the endorsement process.
Select members and candidates have already had the opportunity to use the online endorsement process and the reviews have been overwhelmingly positive:
“Having spent the time to fill out the paper application, I found the online version much easier.”
“It should provide for quicker turnaround. If the candidate needs to add additional information it will be faster and easier than printing out and faxing or mailing the updated information.”
“This is a very user-friendly tool. [It] enables swift endorsement.”
Candidates and endorsers will receive information with instructions about the new online process via email. Members who want to find out more about the endorsement process can visit our website:https://www.isc2.org/endorsement.aspx.
Our new online endorsement process is another way that (ISC)² is working to deliver improvements that better serve our members.


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    I was about to post this. Good riddance. I'm always up for modernizing processes.
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    cyberguypr wrote: »
    I was about to post this. Good riddance. I'm always up for modernizing processes.

    Yep. ��
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    Ugggh lol i just got the email you beat me to it. 3 week turn around sounds nice
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    Took exactly 21 days. Received confirmation email 26 Jul and endorsed today.
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    Yeah, got this yesterday and was a bit unhappy it came just after I submitted my form-based endorsement for the CAP! They said it will take 3 weeks as supposed to the 6 weeks for the paper form, would have loved to being guinea pig for the new online endorsement!
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    Sweet, it's about time.
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    Thanks mate for info
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