Folder Sharing Permission Issue

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I would like to share a folder (contains only MS EXCEL & MS WORD files) in my server (also a Domain Controller) and the users can only:-

1) Access (read) existing files
2) Create new files
3) Cannot overwrite or modify any existing files (this will force them to save as a new file)
4) Cannot delete any existing files or folders

I understand this can be done by applying some settings in "ADVANCED SECURITY SETTINGS" for the shared folder. However, I’ve been trying for weeks with all sorts of possible combinations and still I'm unable to achieve it. Now I’m starting to wonder whether this is even possible.

Hopefully someone here can help, or worse case scenario, make me realize that I should give up finally (in case it's confirmed that this is not possible at all).

Thank you very much.


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    Can they modify files they have created? In other words, the existing ones are supposed to be used as templates, therefore you don't want them to be modified, correct? However, when they do a "save as" should they be able to modify those or should those be read only as well?

    If the files they create are to be read only, then give everyone "read only" at the folder level and try to give them "create files/write data" and set the "Apply To" for "files only". I am not positive this will work.

    However if they are allowed to modify the files they save then try to give everyone "Read Only" at the folder level, but then give "Creator/Owner" modify rights to files only. Make sure the original files in the folder are owned by the administrator by taking ownership if necessary.

    I'm not positive that's what you want to do, but it's what I gathered from your question. Let me know how it goes or clarify your scenario if necessary. Thanks.
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    I managed to get it to work, but with some major problems such as no renaming functionality (seems to need the delete option for that), and no deleting of own files.

    I would suggest you give each person their own folder (or a folder for all users, depending on the situation) and like that give them the required access to and functionality on their own files.
    Then you can have a folder with the other files and put all the restrictions you need on that folder.


    Duh the Creator/Owner thing, I was thinking that that would be nice and I forgot it was really there. :P
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