WAN's and BT

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Hi People :D

I have just mastered the art of subnetting (i think) and have stumbled accross WAN. With so many terminolgies its taking time to sink in. I'm trying to compare links we have at work and see where they fit into the cisco picture.
For example BT offer a kilostream and a mega stream network. I understand this is a point to point service which is not switched. But is this going across twisted-Pair copper wire? I have read chapter one (wans and routers) in the cisco networking academy program ccna 1 and 2 and its not clicking. Even tried Sybex self study guide which normally talks my language. If anyone have these books could they give me a page number so that i know where i should be?

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    Why dont you ask someone in your work what layer 2 protocol is being used?Your question is like saying "I ate a pizza last night it was really great, have you any idea what toppings were on it, i remember it had red sauce"
    Networking, sometimes i love it, mostly i hate it.Its all about the $$$$
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    I'll post else where as im off work this week or pop into work. I have tried to read up on this but its not clicking.
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