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Is it possible to connect a voip adapter to my existing land phone line ?

If so, with the new setup, would I be able to call any land/ mobile phone in any location ?

We have Verizon DSL for internet.



  • varelgvarelg Banned Posts: 790
    I can only guess that Verizon is charging you extra for dialing non-local numbers. Is that your motivation for turning to VoIP?
    There are VoIP providers out there that can provide landline-to-VoIP transfer for you but for a price. You could then compare their price with what Verizon is charging you for dialing non-local numbers.
    Google Hangouts has a telephony add-on for Chrome that assigns your Google account a phone number and you can dial any US phone number free of charge (at least it was free last time I checked). Mind though that you have to be in the US to get that.
    You could also make yourself familiar with the open-source project Asterisk, go to Digium's website and get yourself a telephony server that will do the landline-to-VoIP termination for you in-house. That telephony server can do soooo much more though, but the learning curve is steep. I don't know how deep you want to go with the setup, but if you are comfortable with the Linux command line, it should be a lot of fun to set up your own telephony server...
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    There are dozens of ways you can route phone calls so it would be best to tell us what you are trying to accomplish then we can make some recommendations.

    Is this about mobility or International dialing? Do you want calls to go to a fixed location or a cell phone. what do you want to happen to the call if you do not pick it up? That should be enough to get started.
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    Also how important is call quality?
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    Why go through that trouble when you can make international calls through the Facebook app?. I call people through Facebook everytime, and they are located in Europe. Extra benefit, you can call them from anywhere you are, not only from home.
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    Thanks a lot. Much appreciated.
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    Yes, it is about international dialing to a fixed or cell phone located in a country other than US or Canada.
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    They don't have access to internet/Facebook.
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    In this scenario where you are calling from a land line to various numbers in another country charges are often set buy the country you are calling. You can look into various plans specific to the country you are calling. My brother uses Skype. If you are going from cell to cell look into WhatsApp. both parties must have it but without internet it may not work.
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    If you are looking for cheap international rates I would use Google voice. When I was communicating with friends in Australia and Europe I would call from my google voice line from my cell phone to their land lines. The rates range depending, but I was calling for mere pennies a minute and wouldn't worry about how much time I was using.
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