Citrix beginner help needed please

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Greetings to you all. I'm currently on the hunt for a new IT job, 2nd line. My I.T skills are OK but mostly done a lot service desk, bit of networking (Cisco) and some desktop work. However I have no experience of supporting or installing Citrix. I'm aware that there's Citrix server which allows you to host applications which are then streamed to computers. I have looked at youtube videos but really am stuck on how to actually set this up. Is this possible to do in a home environment ? if so can anyone please tell me how?

Also can anyone clarify what is meant by Thin client technology (microsoft terminal server and citrix) ? is this like when you have a dumb PC and need to access something on a server but use RDP to connect to it ?

I appreciate the help.


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    To answer your question regarding a thin client - that is essentially the idea behind it. You use a thin client to connect to a remote server, and the remote server will be responsible for most of the computational power.
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