Best way to get InfoSec news

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So what's the most efficient way that you use to get InfoSec related news?

Do you have a favourites/bookmarks of websites that you read? do you use RSS feed tool? Do you just search twitter?

I'm trying to be more efficient, so please share with me what you do :)
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    Well, I tend to use 3 resources.

    The SANS Podcast (ISC StormCenter)
    Reddit's /r/netsec subreddit
    This twitter feed aggregator
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    depends on what kind of news you're looking for.

    general news, you can do twit security now, krebs, sophos naked security, schneier, all the SANS newsletter, etc.

    technical news (and the only thing i use twitter for) i follow technical people - all the SANS twitter accounts (mostly just marketing, some rare good stuff), @TrustedSec, @BHinfoSecurity & @edskoudis are enough to get you started (not all necessarily have good content), but then you look at the people recommended off of those people and that'll be enough to get you enough pentesters/researchers to keep you up to date on the latest most-used red tools which, in the end, are all that we really have time in the day for anyway. i also have the SANS reading room as a pinned tab and make it a point to at least skim every new paper that comes out. most have little value for most people, but occasionally you get one with a bit more value and every once in awhile you see a new paper that's like, i'm reading that right now
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    Ok so I've seen reddit netsec subreddit mentioned a lot. I look at it and it has many threads about certain attacks.

    What sort of action do you take when you read about certain exploit on reddit?
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