i CANT figure out powershell assignment

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This is a paper with i cant figure how to do in adv server win class. the top part i did through GUI, the rest i cant figure out, please help


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    on edx.org, they have a class you can audit that might help you: Microsoft: POSH200x Introduction to Windows PowerShell
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    Looks like your supposed to be learning Powershell in your course, but have not even attempted to do any of the Powershell questions on your homework... icon_rolleyes.gif
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    i have, i already created the Ou with GUI, im just stuck at putting the users in the OU through powershell
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    Active directory and powershell have been out for a long time and many people have created videos,tutorials, blogs, guides and scripts for everything powershell.
    PS C:\> New-ADUser -Name "Allen Walters" -GivenName Allen -Surname Walters` -SamAccountName Awalters -UserPrincipalName [email protected]  -Path "ou=Readers dc=yourcompany ,dc=com"

    I haven't tested the above as I'm writing it from my phone but you get the general idea. The powershell man pages will help you a lot on this.
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