The 3560's going into the lab rack

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hi all - does anyone expect Cisco to get mean and start to test the new features of the 3650 right away? from what i can see the 3560's can route IPv6 and do OSPF v3.


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    Go down to the 13 July 2006 Change to CCIE R&S Lab Equipment and IOS announcement....

    "... although installation of the new equipment will take place over several months and some candidates may not see the new equipment in their exams right away. No changes are being made to the lab exam blueprint at this time and candidates should continue to refer to the existing CCIE R&S Lab Exam Blueprint for exam topics."

    I take "several" to be between 3-5 months..., so from that 13 November date -- I'm probably fine with my 3550s for my first R&S Lab Date. :D I'd actually be more worried about the 3560 QoS specific changes, since I can practice any IPv6 stuff on my 3640 routers.

    Oh -- and the CCIE Service Provider Lab starts using 7200 series routers tomorrow!! Good thing Dynamips works as well as it does! :D
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    thansk mike - guess it helps to read the whole page.
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