Question regarding CEUs for renewing Security+

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Hi all,

So I recently recertified my Security+ cert by re-taking the exam. So this time around, I want to start early on earning CEUs to put towards my Security+ renewal in 3 years. I was looking over CompTIA's site for the information pertaining to renewals and had a few question...

1. One of the activities is attend a LIVE webinar - but you can only earn a max of 10 CEUs with this activity?

2. Do the CompTIA on-demand webinars count towards CEUs (even though they are not live)?

3. How do you normally meet the 50 CEUs needed for Security+ recertification? It looks like after 10 CEUs fromwebinars I would either need to attend some type of training course, a few different conferences, or get another CompTIA-approved certification?

Would love to hear everyone's feedback! Thank you, I appreciate your time!
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    1/2. Comptia webinars are labeled if they qualify, and dont' always have to be live. IE they'll do rebroadcasts that still count for CEUs. 10 CEUs max there, yes (out of 50, I believe, for Security+, but check your CEU portal)

    This is my first time renewing security+ with CEu, so I'm still working on it, but you can do training/conferences of course, as well as other certifications. YOu can also get up to 9 CEU (3 per year) for work, if your job has security related functions. You can write blog posts or articles. You can give training to other people on Security related information. You can participate in a Comptia Subject Matter Expert workshop for CEU (I suspect, though haven't looked into it,t hat you could also do an SME workshop for another vendor, as long as it is security related, and get CEUs). I believe there are a couple of other options, but there's definitely ways to earn those 50 CEUs you need.
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    I earned the SSCP certification after Security+, so that took care of most of the CEUs required to maintain the Security+. I was able to use some Cybrary training and BrightTalk webinars to finish the CEU requirements for both.

    Check this page on CompTIA's site: You can definitely use Cybrary training to maintain Security+.
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    I think I will just go for the CASP cert before May 2019.

    I have earned a few CE's from Professor Messer Security+ live shows (I believe it's 3rd Wed's each month at Noon EST)...but I have noticed that CompTIA's live webinars have conflicted with Prof Messer's live shows numerous times, WTH? :)

    If anyone else has any other methods of gaining more CE's that would be helpful for all of us needing to do this.

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    You can obtain CPE's/CEU's by:

    - ISSA, ISC2, ISACA, or other infosec meetings
    - Attending infosec conferences
    - Attending infosec training / obtaining certifications

    Good luck!!!
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    The category caps are my biggest beef with the CEU program. I attend a security conference every year which gives 12 to 16 CEUs depending on the track I register for, but, I can only use 10 of them for the whole 3 year cycle. That is ridiculous.

    I'm not a blogger, author, or teacher. Getting the CEUs is much harder than it needs to be for an entry level cert.
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    I'm guessing the thought is to ensure that you are well rounded, rather than just going to same conference a couple of times, which would generally have limited focus/scope.

    That being said, if CEU program doesn't work, for you, and you don't want to expand what you do with the other CEU options, then just take the test again. No one is forcing you to use the CEU program, or to
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