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I think I may be overthinking this, but here it goes:

Let's say your CCNA expires in 2017, so you study and pass the CCNP R&S SWITCH exam in 2017 before your CCNA expiration date. Now your CCNA is renewed until 2020 and you have until 2020 to pass the remainder of the CCNP R&S exams.

Let's say that you pass ROUTE in 2018 and then TSHOOT in 2019, thus achieving your CCNP certification.

Given all of the above, will your CCNP expiration be in 2022 or will it be in 2020?


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    Certification expires threw years after you achieve it. Not three years after you start it.
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    CCNP expiration is unrelated to your CCNA. It is good for 3 years from the day you earn it.
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    To answer this another way, each passed exam resets the clock on previous. So the expiry clock runs from the date of the most recent exam (at the same or higher level).

    So, you pass TSHOOT in 2019, BOTH your CCNA AND CCNP will expire in 2022. If between 2019 and 2022 you pass a CCNP level exam, then clock would reset again.

    The idea is that passing an exam shows that you are still engaged with networking and haven't forgotten everything. It's a pretty nice system, the only downside is if you collect a whole bunch of certifications, and then don't renew in time, you have to start again from the beginning.
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