70-685 - Hardcore exam

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Today was the day, after three months of studying and passing the 70-680 exam I felt quite confident to pass the 70-685 exam after 1 month of learning time...

I prepared as much as I could, read the Press book, watched CBT nugget videos, and did lots of practice exams.
I can recommend not to study the pressbook and just give it a quick read because it's a waste of time. It didn't help me even on 1 question.
Practice exams and logic thinking helped the most.

I expected the exam to be kinda like the 70-680 exam which wasn't to hard but the 70-685 is brutal. Atleast this one which I got.
There where many case studys with lots of information and also enough server side questions which were not easy to answer. DNS was a huge topic.
In the end I would say prepare well for that exam and don't expect it to be like the 70-680 because it's in a different league.

Best wishes and Good Luck to all!


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