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Ive started a role initially titled 'helpdesk' now titled 'Junior IT officer' recently. Just some info; Its a engineering company however the office im at only has around 8 users or so which my boss assists ie password changes, new device setup, providing them with office365 applications. From what ive observed a few calls come in for the same type of support thats done face to face ie passwords, adding users to the system etc.. Ive spent the first week given the task to research and provide a solution to automate windows installations and software for mass deployment though code etc, and researching/providing methods to backup server data. Its just myself and the boss and his intentions seem to be toward moving to the cloud and this is the current state, so theres no real physical hardware to work with mostly just software. While those tasks ive been given arent that difficult, i feel like theres a degree of pressure and responsibility, however he is quite relaxed and even unconcerned even with the latter (something not being possible). Ive mostly just been researching and completing tasks individually based on what ive described. I do believe ill be handling the more user support stuff at some point incl phones. It seems my job will mostly consist of being assigned these tasks to simplify business processes and move towards automation, however i dont know how difficult these may become. Considering hes not involved in the tasks im being given theres really not much help he can provide so im constantly fearing something will go wrong or im unsuccessful. Are tasks like these normally the IT managers responsibility?
Just wanted to ask you guys how normal this is for an entry level helpdesk role in comparison to the average helpdesk position and if this is the standard progression of helpdesk. Since this is my first IT position i was thinking that in helpdesk most processes would be taught and repeated without much research.


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    At small companies I believe its not too uncommon.

    Are you really only there as the helpdesk for only 8 people too? Assuming you would have a ton of time your hands if so. At worst he is giving you tasks where you need to research how to improve the company to fill up your time while your there.
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    In the office there's less than 10 people and I've seen him answer maybe 3 calls a day. I spent most of the week trying to automate windows and software installations which I managed but it was complete anxiety. I believe I'll be given more tasks to attempt to create a solution but like I said if I'm asked to do something not within my skillset (considering I'm level 1) I don't know how far I'll get. He can't really provide help because he's sourced the task to me and would have to research to get up to speed but has a million other things to do which makes me more nervous. I've suggested that is likely I won't completely be able to finish a task but he will normally say there's always a solution
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    I guess (at least at the moment) I'm trying to create solutions to simply business tasks more than really help anyone.
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    Sounds like you can make your own job duties.

    For deployments look for free ghost imaging software.

    For cloud, look at AWS free tier to host things for the biz in the cloud for free.

    ...if you have questions ask.

    Otherwise have fun and learn a ton! Good luck
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    I guess im mostly hoping that these tasks dont take up the majority of my time which would probably be the case if there isnt that many users to support.
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