Taking CASP on 12/14/16 Please help!

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All of y'all have been very helpful with your tips and its been very intimidating seeing so many people struggle with this cert but I am looking for a little bit of last minute study tips regarding the CASP-002.

So I have 6 days off and I'm looking to take the test on 12/14, maybe too soon but I'm tired of studying. I want to optimize my remaining time.

So far I have:
Watched all of the ITPro.TV courses. 1 video a day during the weekdays after work and on the following day I would attempt to apply the lesson the next day during our morning meetings with the CIO and Director. Very impressed with the content of this exam because 80-90% of the material was applicable at my hospital.

Currently watching Cybrary.it which has been great so far. Planning on finishing that up by Sunday. Then memorizing the terms followed by practice tests. I haven't read a book and I don't really do well in that aspect.

So my question:
Should buy the ********* exam prep and test questions? Or do you suggest anything else better?
What material do the video lectures from ITPro.TV and Cybrary.it fail to cover?
Any study guides recommendations?

Thanks again everyone! Ya'll the best!!


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    Looks like wherever that exam prep was from got **bleeped** out because it is probably is being recognized as being a "****" site. Which means you should be staying away from that.

    I would say as long as you can look over the exam objectives and be to explain each one of them thoroughly you are probably ready. Best of luck
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    Best of luck. I strongly recommend the pearson book, but if you are content on taking the exam on the 14th, I would use whatever means possible. It is a pretty rough test and there may not be enough time to absorb logic - just memorization. Which unfortunately does you very little good; the questions are very long. Just make sure you READ each question at least three times and understand exactly what they are asking. There were a few times I started reading the question and jumped to the answers and answered it to boost my confidence. Then when I went over it, I missed a certain key word or sentence that made my answer incorrect.

    You got this.
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    Thanks for the advice. I'm actually going to push the test back till January so I can get two long weekends to absorb the info because I'm going to start the CISSP immediately after the CASP so might as well learn it thoroughly the first time.

    I just ordered the Pearson Book.. Guess I'll have to do this reading thing. Also my company only pays for the test if I pass and there's no real pressure for me to get it a few weeks early.
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    Transcender has some practice tests for CASP. Maybe buy those and do some practice questions?!
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    The Sybex CASP book is a good option. Always have more than one book to prep with.

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