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Anyone who completed / studied for the RHCSA 7 what was your lab setup like?

I have a lenovo I-5 laptop 8 gig of ram and want to get busy realistically how many virtual machines do I need?
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  • asummersasummers Member Posts: 157
    I have a lab I created for EX436 and I reuse that for everything since.

    CentOS 6.x Host with 8GB of RAM
    - httpd
    - pxe
    - dns
    - repo
    - libvirt
    - 250GB disk

    Running 4 notes
    - RHEL 7.1
    - 4 networks, public, private, storage1, storage2 (although 1 is sufficient)

    Every now and then I will turn of the VM's and back up the disk files - this allow rapid restoration
  • BodanelBodanel Member Posts: 214 ■■■□□□□□□□
    Fedora 24 host with virt-manager. Host is i7 4700, 16GB RAM 2x128G SSD (one for OS and one for VM's)
    3 VM.

    1 with ipa server with dns, kickstart server, pxe boot set up.
    1 centos7 node for server testing
    1 centos7 node for client side testing

    On the same host I have other VM's for various testing but 3 VM's could run without issues on this host so I think your pc should do be able to handle it.
  • VeritiesVerities Member Posts: 1,162
    I setup a CentOS 7 based KVM host on my laptop and spun up 2 x CentOS 7 guests on top of it. It was good enough to do all the labs for that setup.
  • asummersasummers Member Posts: 157
    I think the conclusion is that your hardware is more than capable of running enough VMs to allow you to lab everything.
  • scottctaylor12scottctaylor12 Member Posts: 10 ■□□□□□□□□□
    For the RHCSA, you will need two CentOS 7 vms. One will be for an LDAP server, and the other will be for the client side configuration. You do not need to know how to configure the LDAP server for the RHCSA so use the tutorial at for that vm. For the client vm, you need to configure it to connect to that vm as stated in the red hat objectives. Good luck!
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