Passed Security+ 21 December

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Hey all, first off hopefully everyone enjoyed the holidays! Thanks for all the support and updates as you all passed the certification. This in turn led to me changing my study habits for the little time I studied and ultimately my passing, seeing what worked and what didn't from you all helped. I have been dealing with IT stuff for a while and employed as a System Engineer now, so I had to get this done before I was jobless.

As for me, what did I use to study? Here's my list:
Darrill Gibson Get Certified Get Ahead (GCGA) Book
GCGA Premium Content from website/downloads
Cybex Sec+ Book

I "studied" (if you call going over the stuff in my home office during the busy holiday season with 3 kids and a wife at home at the same time) for a little over a week, as this is needed for my job and being in compliance with DOD 8570. I listened to the GCGA audio numerous times, took the questions from the book and the site. I didn't have many questions from the study material that were exactly the same on the test, so you actually have to understand the information.

I'd say you have to know the hashes, ciphers, baseline comparison type questions came up a few times, the simulations were the ones I had seen prior on study materials except for one and I honestly have no idea if I answered it correctly. Chapter 2,3, and 10 from the book I felt had a bit of questions from those items covered in those chapters.

Hope this helps someone. Again, thanks all for your previous inputs. Also, passed on the 29th not the 21st...


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