Passed this morning!

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To be honest, when I press the end review button, I really thought I have failed the test. That's how hard the test is, I end up ace it at the end.

This is a much harder test than I thought, the questions are extremely subjective, there are not one single question with a definate answer, simulation questions are hard, I got 5 of them. If you are not using the full 90 minutes of the test, there is a problem. Lots of question about networking, in the middle of the test I almost thought I was taking the network+ test. It is very hard to pass this test If you don't have any experience with networking, highly suggest anyone who don't have any work experience pass the network + first then try this test. I work as a software developer and this test was very hard for me, since I don't work with networking equipments all day, but I have a degree in IT and that kind of saved my day, else there is no way I pass it.

I used Gibson's website for this test, the book and the practice tests, please get it, you won't pass the test if you don't do his simulation questions, it was hard but his practice tests were spot on. Get your hands on some actual real life network design diagrams, that will help a lot too. Know where each security control is suppose to be used in real situations as well. I got a lot questions about security designs in general, that was a big surprise, it's purpose is to test if you can apply what you learned in studying security + in real life situations.

Anyway, If you have been working as a network administrator who had to work with some security appliances, this won't be too hard, but otherwise, you need to study a lot and prepare to be overwhelmed by the exam, good luck everyone!


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    Congrats, and yes you need to understand the stuff not memorize questions for this test...
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    Congrats!! :)
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    I had the same feeling and thoughts just as you did. I never want to take it again!
    congrats on the pass!
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