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I'm starting to research CEH, and available learning options. I'll be paying for study material and the test myself, so cost is a factor.

While browsing Amazon, I came across a version of Matt Walkers AIO labeled Premium. The text includes a year membership to Practice-labs.com. I've never heard of them, and found little by Google searching the domain. The video on Amazon seems promising, and would certainly be an affordable method that includes practical labs.

Has anyone used practice-labs.com, and would you reckoned them?

Here's the 10 digit isbn: 1260011178


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    I purchased that book based on your thread. I'm not sad I did, but another link for the same thing on Amazon became available for about $50 less the same day my book shipped. I couldn't cancel my shipment and order the cheaper one at that point. </3

    I kind of thought the book would be thicker. LoL
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