Job Designation change - when and how to ask for it?

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I work for a company that has kept on piling more and more work on me, changed the business to such an extrnt that i have to support and work for other organazations. Yet nothing has been changed so as my grade or job title is. The job itself is now dramatically different than what I was hired for.
I think i am partially to blane. I should have refused to take on additional and new work till it was reflctrd in job title, responsibilities and compensation. I just tried to be extra nice and realizing it was a big mistake.
When and how do you ask for a grade/designation/compensation change? Every annual review? Every two years?


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    How prepared are you to walk if they say "we really appreciate the effort you've been putting in but the budget won't accommodate a raise right now. We'll try to get you a raise/bonus/etc. soon though." You're far more likely to get a raise if you can quantify how what you've done has improved the bottom-line. "Boss, these additional responsibilities have resulted in 100k more revenue for the firm and 25k more profit." When you can show this, especially if it's profit that will go away if you leave, you're likely to get what you want.
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    It's not ALL bad that you short-changed yourself.
    It sounds like you have grown some skills; and now have a useful role at your company.

    If you want more/better compensation... you have to ask.

    EANx is 100% correct.
    Negotiation is all about Leverage.

    Ask yourself:
    Do you really need this job? Or do you only need the paycheck?
    Does your employer really need You. Or do they only need a warm-body?

    Update your resume, and see what's out there.
    (maybe even do an interview)

    Once you have a little confidence.... go ask for What you want from your employer.

    And if they balk... then it's time to walk.
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    Very nice of you to point out the benefit analysis part. I have never said a word in all the teviews and accepted the good reviews with a simple thank you. No wonder i have made zero progress.
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    Thanks for taking time to post detailed reply. Yes i managed to eke out several years of bliss at same job by not bothering about raises and designations.
    But obviously it is a major stumbling block when i want to move away to different roles unfortunately employer needs ne badly becuase no one else will put up with so much stuff n stress. But sadly the company is teetring on edge of tital collapse so they have no money at all. I guess they are hoping to milk as much as possible before inevitable....
    I am curious to find when or howmany times in a year you guys ask for a raise. Once a year? Once in 2 years?
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    I am curious to find when or how many times in a year you guys ask for a raise. Once a year? Once in 2 years?

    Closer to how many times a decade. I think that if you have to have this conversation often, it's because you and your boss aren't on the same page with expectations. The last time I had to ask for a raise was 1999. Between then and now, I've gotten the raises I negotiated, gotten laid off, started a new job and negotiated a new set of expectations and raises / promotions. I feel that if you're stressing about this, either you or your boss or both aren't good at communication and need to work on that.
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    But sadly the company is teetring on edge of tital collapse so they have no money at all. I guess they are hoping to milk as much as possible before inevitable....

    Why are you trying to get a raise from a job that going out of business (potentially)?

    Is this a family business? Is the owner your Uncle Leo??
    If Not.... then it's time to move on.

    (I apologize for my tone; i am not trying to sound like a jerk)

    It feels like i'm missing something here. Are you working/residing overseas, perhaps?
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    If you know the company has no money to give you a raise, I'd start sending out resumes now!
    Never let your fear decide your fate....
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    I appreciate the replies and agree that it is time to move out. I am on my way out just as the company is on its way to oblivion.
    The reason i want to know is for future so that i dont make same mustake again. My understanding was that udualluy management ensures that workers are well fed but clearly i was wrong in this particular case. Now when i have to apply for other jobs I realize how it will affect my job search and perhaps future as well
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    That actually makes pretty good sense :]

    All in all, it sounds like you had a pretty good run at the job; picked up some decent experience.

    Not sure what country you reside in... but i think regional culture plays a role as well (regarding the employer/employee relationship).

    But at the end of the day... you have to be confident in your skills and Value to the employer.
    these things give you leverage.
    And you can't be afraid to stand up for fair compensation.
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    I did this for my current position the title was sourcing something or another and I had them change it. After my year is up, I am going to ask them to change it again. All they can do is say no.

    I word it like this, I do x y and z mostly and I want to eventually move into this direction and this will help me get there eventually. In my situation I am doing a lot more than someone in more role would do so they have no problem doing it. I usually wait right after I deliver on a big project that the senior boss ask me to do on my own.

    Like Volf mentions, be confident and stand up for yourself.
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