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hello guys . well first exuse my english .i m from north africa and i study IT in college . the problem is that our university sucks . a students with a licence degree only what a mac address is at best . there isn t any networking courses until the 4 th year and you need to be with the best of the best to get that privillege . so i m on my cisco ccna right now and it s going pretty good i m aiming for a ccie in routing and swiching and leaving college .from what i read here people think that it s hard to fing a high end job without a MS degree well i just want a decent job that's all . anything is going to be better then my country . also i aim to at least a ccnp in security . so will this be enough ? . like i said i aim to get a worki g visa and live well . i also want to self learn IT i know this sound crazy but i study better on my own then with college when i have my motivation up . i just need someone to tell me go ahead and do it . i hate quastioning my self .so guys any advices over here i m lost . thanks for your time


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    If your university sucks and you have no other options then maybe consider doing CCNP (specialize in security if you are interested ) get your work visa and then attend college.

    I feel a college degree helps its then hurts at this point and for the future.
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    what type of college can i intende ? and how to get a working visa i don t live in europe your way of life is diffrent . how much money do i need also and don t have a very full cv to give to any college will the ccnp be enough . thanks for your feed back
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    ilyas001 wrote: »
    no one ?

    What country are you from?

    Also it depends on what most people in your country are using, if most people in your country are using Fortinet or Palo Alto then a CCIE/CCNP in security may not be the best idea.

    You need to look at the job boards in your country and decide what certs most company`s are looking for.
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    It's a bit hard to give advice to people living in different countries because the situation can be different. Some countries put a lot of value in degrees. Where I am originally from, fast food restaurants want potential employees to have a bachelor's degree. The university where you are might suck, but you don't really have a choice if a degree is a hard requirement by most jobs there.
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    Like others have mentioned it's hard to say, but with the info you gave me, it's hard to argue against the CCIE.
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    I don't want to sound like a jerk but even if your CCNA "is going pretty good" doesn't mean that you will get CCIE, if at all. I also came from the country where not only degree is a must even for a clean-up person (well, maybe I'm exaggerating a bit) but it also needs to match the position you're applying for. I'd say get your degree and try to get the certs along the way.
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    thanks of all advices a lot of you argue the need of a degree and yeah you are right but i'm pretty sure that i will lose years of my life trying to get a degree that have no value understand me i know it's important and this is my life and 5 years that i will waste for a overdated knowledge i will maybe have a piece of paper and it wil lmaybe give a job but it will be obvious ofter a time that i don't know what i'm doing or totally overwelmed by the new technologies , i know again that a college degree is important but i try to play it smart so the idea of kohr-ah s was very insipring so i will try to find some kind of job using my ccna cert then get the money for a online college programme i found this one what do you think? here is the website Bachelor Degree in IT Network Administration | WGU College of Information Technology Online the price seams good . also this is network administrator bachelor but should i pursue something else like network engineer or network security ?
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