VCAP6-DCV Deploy

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Didn't realize this exams been out for a while (oddly didn't get a Beta invite). This exam should be a low hanging fruit for me even if I don't do operations these days. Do some studying and take the exam sometime this month.

Study material will be:
  • Some unofficial study guide
  • VMware hands on lab
  • VMware official docs
2018 Certification Goals: Maybe VMware Sales Cert
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    I'm sure you'll crush it. Do you have any experience with the new lab environment? It has its quirks.
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    Should be a piece of cake for you. Once I take care of the pesky VCP expiration right around the corner and a couple of MS exams that I haven't had time to finish, I'm planning to hit this one as well. Planning to be ready in time to take it at VMworld.
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  • dave330idave330i Member Posts: 2,091 ■■■■■■■■■■
    Finished reading study guides. Took longer than expected due to sick kids. Overall, 80-90% of the exam was covered in VCAP5-DCA. Just need to get familiar with the web client.

    Exam's currently scheduled for Saturday. Would have preferred it later in the month, but work and test schedule availability forced my hand. Will decided on Thursday if I need to reschedule or not.
    2018 Certification Goals: Maybe VMware Sales Cert
    "Simplify, then add lightness" -Colin Chapman
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