Reaching out to very recent former supervisors about jobs at their new company?

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I have a supervisor I have always gotten along with on my linkedin, which somehow made me follow the company he is now working for, which is another little MSP with what appears to be a hiring for a higher level position which is not remote / work at home which I am kind of starting to consider would be good for me to get up and out of the house.

I am wondering if it would be appropriate for me to contact that previous supervisor on Linkedin to ask him about working for that company, even though I'm sure he still has friends where I am at.

He made the switch about 3 weeks ago, so I am sure he doesn't know much, but I could probably use him as a reference as well.

What do you think? Only use as reference? Ping him on linkedin to see what the culture is like before applying?

It looks like a big step up in using my R/S skills which is my IT passion at least for studying, so I am heavily considering it, it looks very heavy into CCNP R/S related topics as part of the work load.


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    This is pretty much what LinkedIn is for, network with people you have crossed paths with. I see absolutely no problem reaching out to him for this info. If you have a good relationship with you, I imagine he would go above and beyond to help get you on board.

    Now if you and him were borderline, then be sure what your relationship is with him currently before asking him to stick his neck out and get you an interview.
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    Yeah I've been with the top tier "Infrastructure" team for years, I used to do voice but now just Data, so he has worked with me on a lot of high level tickets and joked around.

    I am just trying to think of any way this could come back to haunt me or the former supervisor working there now, aside from not showing up for an interview or being a **** on the phone.
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    This is how networking works. :)

    Start off by just finding out how your former supervisor likes his/her job. And just have a conversation - offer to meet for a coffee, etc. or whatever is appropriate. And if there is a job you see at the company, ask your former supervisor about it.

    Also - I don't know what level your supervisor is in - or industry. But if he/she has a non-solicit - they may not mention jobs unless you ask first and you express a desire to join him/her.

    Good luck.
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