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Hello all, I just completed NET+ and SEC+, started my first IT desktop support job last week, and have SO MUCH time on my hands at work to study so I was thinking about studying a programming language. I have messed around on Codecademy the last 2 weeks and I have kinda been drawn into the idea of programming as of lately. I would like to use my GI Bill for programming night classes in my local area and hopefully obtain maybe like a Java cert or C/C+ cert. But, after doing some research it just seems that most people feel these certs dont teach you how to program and instead just teach you irrelevant information that only helps you obtain a certificate. After just starting my first IT job I have already seen my trainer/senior coworkers bash the SEC+ type certs for just this reason- they dont really teach you anything relevant to the job (I only got the SEC+ cert as a DoD prerequisite for hire). So, what I'm asking I guess is, what programming certs can anyone recommend that ACTUALLY taught you how to code and not just how to pass a test that doesnt matter after your hired? Thanks.


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    I'm not a programmer, but I have hired them in past jobs. FWIW I've never seen any cert as a requirement for a programming job. For using your GI Bill funds, do you have a degree yet? Companies are going to be way more likely to ask for a CS or equiv degree for a programmer than they are for a random language certification.
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    Really depends on what you want to do with a programming language. First have a think what you want to do then find a language you can learn to suit that need; For example I work with SharePoint so .NET and JavaScript are the ones I'm learning.

    You could also learn a scripting language like PowerShell which will help you in your current role.
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    Certs aren't as important in programming / development.
    Feel free to take courses and/or buy books/videos. Then find a project and jump in.
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