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After not getting any certs, I started thinking about furthering my education. Found this forum again and though I was never a frequent poster, just thought I would give a little update on my life situation... (Warning: Might be boring)

After my last post in the thread above, the company started to have closed door meetings with a local IT outsourcing company (OUT) about providing services. Jerry was tasked with providing all the information about out domain/network/hardware/etc to OUT so they could give us an accurate quote for services. While the habitual 9am Dr. Pepper, thick glasses, hunched shoulders, and Asic Basics gave Jerry the outward appearance of what one might consider a "computer geek"; he actually didn't know squat about any of it. Oh course Jerry came up to me to sympathize over the fact the company was screwing me, he did remind me that we were a team and should work together to make best of the situation. Unfortunately for Jerry, I had already seen how he would take credit and back-stab fellow employees in hopes of launching his lips just inches further up upper managements behind. Being the team player I am, I helped provide all the information for the assessment and even helped review the viable options provided by OUT. Jerry wasn't supposed to show me the contracts but he did cause "we're buddies" (not cause he didn't understand what any of it meant).

The two options the company was looking at are summarized below:

Plan A: Keep in-house Desktop Support and OUT would provide server/network support remotely with a response time of 6 hours. If they were needed on-site, there would have a response time of by end of next business day. Also disaster/emergency support was not covered in the contract. I believe it was around $8.7k initial setup fee and $6.6k monthly for this option coming just shy of $88k annually.

Plan B: They provide similar server/network support as above but also include desktop support with response times of 2 hours remotely and 4 on-site. The initial setup fee was $12.3k and a monthly fee of $10.85k making it around $140k annually.

Given the fact that disaster/emergency support would not be covered and most likely I would be the one being yelled at by management about how much money they were losing, I decided to step away from the company. I'm all for teamwork but having too many hands in the pot seemed to put me more at liability than anyone else with little to no reward. For the first time in my life, I walked away from a company without giving my 2 weeks notice.

Found a job about a month later through a temp agency as a System(s) Administrator. My first day on the job I walked in to the IT manager's office to introduce myself, only to find out it was the manager who had left the previous company. Though the company's policy on temps becoming regular employees is only after 6 months, I was brought on full-time after a month. Little over 2 years later now and still with the company. Now let the studying begin... Lol.


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    Awesome. That story was worth it. Congrats.
    2017 Goals - Something Cisco, Something Linux, Agile PM
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    i gotta be honest:
    Didn't see that coming :]

    For what it's worth... i disagree with most of the "advice" people were giving you in that other thread.
    Negotiation is all about "Leverage".

    Either you HAVE it.. or you don't.
    It seems... you had the Leverage the entire time (in the end, You had the Nerves to "walk away").

    For an employer, the difference between 50k vs 65k is CHUMP-CHANGE, imo.
    They didn't want to pay you the 65k because you didn't have any Certs, Degree, nor Sr experience.
    ~they were right.

    But i think the bigger reason:
    You were the guy who was only making $17/hour.
    (So in their minds; you don't DESERVE the 65k)

    But where they were Wrong:
    ~They thought they had the Leverage

    The reality:
    they were computer illiterates + the old manager Not coming back + you willing to "walk away" = You CALL the SHOTS.

    In hindsight,
    if The company had simply paid you the 65k, plus hired a desktop guy 45k.... it would have still been LESS than what OUT was gonna charge.

    Nonetheless... i'm glad you stood up for yourself (and it seems the universe/karma agreed)
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