How did everyone find their first tech job?

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Coming from a Social Science Background, in a non-tech job right now with only an A+ Cert (Net+ hopefully by the end of the month)... I'm firing off my resume at positions I think I qualify for...basically just careerbuilder, monster, dice, etc.

I know this isn't the best way to get a job....statistically I think the best way is actually going into places you want to work, etc...chatting with people inside...

But anyway, how did everyone here get a job?


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    My first IT job was a helpdesk position. I was in college at the time and didn't have any prior IT-related experience. It was a great stepping stone. My college advisor actually gave me a business card of this company. Since then, all of my jobs were found by looking online.
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    I started off as a desktop tech in a PC repair store. It was fun. I got to build custom gaming machine, rip open laptops and printers and when people brought in their machines to be virus scanned, see all their home pics (LOL)

    I left that position for a job as a Network Engineer. I got to travel to different states and setup networks. That was a big teaching job for me.

    I now work for a very large company supporting servers/networks and desktops. I get to sit all day long, and do it remotely icon_twisted.gif
    WIP Vacation ;-)

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    orion82698 wrote:
    see all their home pics (LOL)

    You know that's violating privacy law, right ? :P
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    I got my first job through an instructor at the tech school I was attending. It wasn't a great paying job but it was a good job to learn in and a good begining opportunity. 12 months later, I was earning almost twice as much in an easier position.
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    I got my first job through a recruiter, TekSystems. There are a bunch of similiar companies though.

    It seems that a lot of entry level help desk positions will hire someone without experience if they have a couple of certs.

    Call a recruiting agency and they can find you a postion. It may not be paying as much as you would like, but once you get the experience, the money will come.
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    Back in the 1980s, I was heavily addicted to the telephone Bulletin Board Systems (BBS) in Southern California, where I did a lot of tech talking about electronics and programming. The owner of a BBS company recruited me to port their Apple ][-based BBS software to the IBM PC. We never finished the port, but there was plenty of other engineering project to work on. I've worked as a software engineer ever since.
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    my friend hooked me up :)
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    Best Buy tech... ended up there for 3 years.
    Only thing I miss were my friends and the sweet discount.
    Other than that I think it can go to hell.
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