Finding employers?

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How does one go about finding employers in a particular area? Googling until I'm blue in the face hasn't yielded many results. The very few, large, well known employers in my area haven't shown any interest in me. I know there are thousands of employers around. Any tips on locating them, other than driving into an area and writing down names and addresses? Not very efficient.


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    The book name escapes me...but they put out books per area (chicago, los angeles, etc.) I'm pretty sure its red...

    I've seen them at borders but I can't figure out which one it is on amazon.
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    Yep i know what your talking about I have a copy of it at my house when I get home i will let you know. Something like the commercial informer or something it breaks each job field down by employer and lists them in size, pay, and other characteristics..

    Sorry if this doesnt make sense i am running on 56 hours of no sleep
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    That would be great. I just looked around on Amazon and can't find anything like that.
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    "city" business journal- The list.

    Fill in "city" with whatever city u are looking at.
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    Baltimore Business Journal Book of Lists $46 from their website. Last year's edition $51 on Amazon.

    Maybe I can find it at the Library.
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    I tend to search a couple of jobsites, when I'm looking:
    Craig's List's Jobs and Gigs section for your area.

    All of these sites allow you to post your resume as well as search for employers. Dice is specifically for tech jobs, and you get to list specific skills and how adept you are in particular areas, in addition to posting a resume. Take a look, see what you can find. (Incidentally, I found my current job as a systems engineer through Craig's List.)

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    what i was thinking of was the "City" jobbank..

    They have the chicago one, I didn't see a Baltimore one.
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    I know quite a few people who went to the businesss distrct and went door to door and actually found a job in a week or less

    there is also the yellow pages
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