Exchange migration - From Resource forest back to account

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I've been tasked at my current employment from moving our exchange 2010 infrastructure back into the account forest.

There's already a 2 way trust configured between both forests. All mailboxes are linked mailboxes. My question is should I introduce exchange 2010 into account forest or just jump ahead to 2016?

I've done some research on this and know some fancy scripting will be involved in getting the mailbox and account to be in sync in the account forest. I also know a co existence needs to be established as well.

I have a lab setup that mimics my production environment and i guess I just need 1000ft overview on what's needed to get this done.


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    You can just install 2016 in your account forest and do a cross forest migration. Since this isn't an AD migration and your accounts are already resident in the target forest, this simplifies matters greatly. Get the new infrastructure completed, establish proper mail routing between the source and target forests with both forests have a unique namespace and a shared namespace, then use the migration scripts that are shipped with Exchange to perform the cross-forest migration.

    I have performed these under much more complex scenarios (20+ source forests into 1 target forest, in conjunction with Office 365 migration, with ADMT for the AD migration side of things).
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