study hours?

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I gong start study for my a+ sometime next month. I just wondering how many hours a day do you usually study? Thanks


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    It all depend on you.. and your learning style. What work for me cannot fit for you. Usually, I study/read 1 hour per working day to get fresh content in my head. I also research and answer my question on the side (google search) for whatever question arise from my reading. On the weekend, I mostly do the lab test I need, and I read 2 hour. I do this cycle for many weeks until I start to feel ready, then I start to do some test to assess my understanding. I entered the "intense" preparation time, more labbing, more reading, more test by day (2h or more) for a 2-3 week, then i scedule my exam for a 2 week to a month later.

    Scheduling the exam is important, as often you never feel fully ready, then you never wrote the test.
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    15 minutes to 5 hours. Somewhere in there depending how tired I am, how interesting the topic is, how close I am to a test date, if I'm having trouble with a topic or not, if it's really nice outside, if my kid won't stop climbing on my lap, if there is good movie on TV... I'm guessing you'll fall into that range as well. Good luck! icon_thumright.gif
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    I studied for about 3 hours a day for a month to pass both tests. As others have stated, that will ultimately depend on how quickly you want to absorb the material, but for your first cert (assuming this is your first cert), you will definitely want to not rush yourself too much. Focus first on finding the right studying material, then find a schedule that works for you (like- 1 chapter a day, 2 if you have to rush, etc.)
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    Depends on you and your environment. If you're working full-time, 20 hrs per week is good.
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    I study 8-12 hours per day, 7 days a week but with my situation I can do that.
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    Use this time as an opportunity to learn "how" to study for IT certs.

    It will streamline your professional progress in the future.
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    I typically do 1.5 - 2 hours after work M - F along with 30 mins - 2 hrs at home on weekends. It depends on how I'm feeling. IBest thing to do is find a good place to study, and a good pace to keep.

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