New here looking for advice about the CompTIA A+

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I am new to TE so let me tell you a little about myself.


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    please delete this thread I accidentally hit enter
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    HI, I have been working in the warehouse environment for 5 years now and now I am interested in breaking into the IT field.

    I have heard from many different sources and articles online that it is not easy to break into the IT field without more than 2 years experience under your belt and/or a bachelor's degree in Computer Science. I don't have that, but what I do have is some personal experience fixing computer hardware.

    I just recently replaced a motherboard in a Dell Laptop and that was pretty difficult. I also replaced my friend's Laptop's LCD screen which was a bit easier than replacing a motherboard. I haven't built my own personal computer but I have taken apart one desktop tower several times. I am not interested in going to college and in my opinion wasting money.

    I am interested in obtaining my IT Certifications like the CompTIA A+. I just passed the 220-901 exam and I am currently preparing for the 902. I do not like to learn through a text book so I am using The Professor Messer CompTIA A+ training videos to prepare for the 2nd exam.

    Is it worth getting the CompTIA A+ to break into the IT Networking Field for somebody who only has warehouse experience and less than 1 year of personal computer repair?

    What kind of job do I search for after getting the certification?

    What is the Certification career path you would recommend to become a Network Administrator?

    How do I get help desk experience when they require more than 2 years of help desk?

    In your opinion what is the best way to prepare for the 220-902 exam?
    : I already have certblaster Practice exams and practice exams on my phone.

    Also I have no desire to go to college, but I have heard of people who can break into this field and be successful at it without a college degree. My main goal is become a Network Administrator.
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