Need Advice about the CompTIA A+ 902

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HI, I have been working in the warehouse environment for 5 years now and now I am interested in breaking into the IT field.

I have heard from many different sources and articles online that it is not easy to break into the IT field without more than 2 years experience under your belt and/or a bachelor's degree in Computer Science. I don't have that, but what I do have is some personal experience fixing computer hardware.

I just recently replaced a motherboard in a Dell Laptop and that was pretty difficult. I also replaced my friend's Laptop's LCD screen which was a bit easier than replacing a motherboard. I haven't built my own personal computer but I have taken apart one desktop tower several times. I am not interested in going to college and in my opinion wasting money.

I am interested in obtaining my IT Certifications like the CompTIA A+. I just passed the 220-901 exam and I am currently preparing for the 902. I do not like to learn through a text book so I am using The Professor Messer CompTIA A+ videos to prepare for the 2nd exam.

Is it worth getting the CompTIA A+ to break into the IT Networking Field for somebody who only has warehouse experience and less than 1 year of personal computer repair?

What kind of job do I search for after getting the certification?

What is the Certification career path you would recommend to become a Network Administrator?

How do I get help desk experience when they require more than 2 years of help desk?

In your opinion what is the best way to prepare for the 220-902 exam?
: I already have online Practice exams and practice exams on my phone.

Also I have no desire to go to college, but I have heard of people who can break into this field and be successful at it without a college degree. My main goal is become a Network Administrator.


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    I live in Florida and some will take the certs and the experience with no degree, some will require certs and at least an associate degree, and some will take experience. It all depends, you just have to sift through all the job postings and find your match. The companies hiring with salaries offered at $45000 and above will probably want experience and a degree. Just get your foot in the door even if you only start at $30000 and build your experience.
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    The good thing about not having any experience is that those certs can help you get your foot in the door. I'd start with your A+ (as you have), then move on to Network+. It'll compliment further goals if you continue on to get your CCNA (Cisco) certificate. With that, you can start your Network Administrator roles and working in either a NOC or in a Networking Team of some company. The cost of the certs combined should be less than $1000 and will be worth the investment. If you get your CCNA, I'd be surprised if you don't land a NOC job, even without experience. But a NOC job would be a great place for you to get your start actually learning industry hardware and such. Good luck!
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