What should I commit to memory? (902)

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When I took the exam for Network+, I memorized a table of well-known port numbers. I just wrote it over and over until I could do it by heart. Then when I went to actually take the exam, the first thing I did when I sat down was write out the table to refer to throughout the exam. I did the same thing for Sec+ with the encryption and hashing algorithms, for the block sizes, key sizes, etc.

What information should I do this with for the A+ 902? It seems like this exam will require a lot more rote memorization than others, at least for me. I was thinking hardware requirements for Windows, upgrade paths (such a pain for me to remember, idk why). Anything else?


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    I just wrote it over and over until I could do it by heart. icon_study.gif
    I would suggest you apply this same idea with flash cards of the terminal and command prompt keywords as well as Windows utilities found in the 902 learning objectives.

    Can read the keyword and provide a brief description of its purpose, you're good. Turn it into a game and reward yourself as you improve! **BONUS: it saves you the time of writing down the descriptions every day while helping you improve***

    The other information you can learn via reading or practical examples.

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