Just passed (on the dot)

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Passing score is 764. Mine is 764. Whew!

I took Security+ and Linux+ non-stop this morning in one shot. Passed both.

Now, I'm officially CompTIA's MVC (most valuable customer). Hehehe.

I've got A+, Network+, iNET+ 2 years back.

Then I have MCxx + couple of Ciscos. I think I got about 10 certs now. Hehe.

I did a little better on Linux+ (655 to pass, I got 705).

## Security+ ##

I like Security+ better as far as questions. They are ok.

For, Security+, one thing I've noticed is the ones you can answer under 2 seconds (appears so easy) are ususally the ones you make mistakes on. Of course it doesn't mean they are tricky.

For Security+, I've used ExamCram2 + a couple of exams (short ones) found on this site + the 10-question demo from Transcender. ExamCram2 is a good book. Pretty good quality. No typos or errors in the book. Also cheaper than other books. $30 vs. $50 for others. No. I do not know the authors nor work for the publisher.

The only thing I don't like about the book is on most explanations, the tone is like "it is incorrect because we said so". Well, that did help on my exam.

I studied 15 hours for Security+. I have 5 years IT experience. I took 2 sample exams from the ExamCram2 book.

I do not "specialize in security" per se. However, I've often worked (consulted) on both sides of the fence (intrusion and defending). Also, I play with a lot of security stuffs on FreeBSD (proxies, ipfilter, snort etc), MS (msproxy, isa stuffs), and routers.

All in all, I liked the exam. Learned quite a few more things I can bill people for. :D .

## Linux+ ##

I'm NOT a Linux guy. I'm a "somewhat biased" BSD guy. Have about 2 years experience in BSD.

I did played with Redhat, Mandrake, Slackware about 6 years back. Redhat was 4.0 then. Never could get the X to work and gave up. Of course, I was 100% newbie then.

Only reason for taking that is better marketability.

Anyway, I've studied less for Linux+. About 8 hours, I think.

I've used Linux+ Certification Bible. The book is full of errors. The practice exams are full of errors. Lets say the correct answer is C for the question. Well, the explanation says the "RIGHT" anwser with the choice "B". Yeah, it is a mess up book. I think I got about less than 5 similar questions from the book on the exam.

Now, you would think the exam is better. Totally not.

I do not even feel like I was taking Linux test. About 25% of the questions are mainly on A+ hardware stuffs. Then about 20% from iNet+. Hmm. I passed with better score than Security+. Still, quite disappointing exam. Now that I've got what I wanted, I will go back to "serving the world" with my FreeBSD.

Of course, it taught me some things about Linux. Now, I'm willing to try more on Linux.

Now, my thinking about this is, the best test would be the one in a lab. So, it will go like this. You pick whatever distro you want to take the exam with. Then go in the lab and use that distro that you know. The examiner will give you objectives, like, ok, I want a webserver with mod_perl, blahblah, please install and configure it for me in less than 15 minutes. Done? Ok. Now I want a cache-only bind server. Please do it in 10 minutes. Now, that would be a kickass exam.

Well, hope my experience and ranting icon_lol.gif help somebody. Good luck all.


Encouragement for people learning here

Please do not pay attention to people who say certs are worthless. You probably see a lot on the web or around some newsgroups. One word, they don't have it.

In this day and age of technology, the most important skill is NOT any product, software. It is the ability and willingness to keep on learning. And nothing shows/proves/improves that ability/motivation than making a commitment to take an exam. Pass or even fail, keep on taking/learning if you have the financial ability. Eventually, you will be better, you life will be better than people who just sits and whines about how unfair certs are and how useless they are.

Whoosh. I'm going for CCIE next year.


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    Congrats with the passes :D

    And thanks for the extensive feedback, I'm sure it will be of help to many.
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    Congrats on both of your passes.
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    Good job, dude!
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    Congrats on both passes, definately 2 exams I would like to take in the future.
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    Congrats newbiedo.

    Methinks It's time to don your regalia :D, and populate your "Certifications:" tab. ;)
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    All in all, I liked the exam. Learned quite a few more things I can bill people for. :D
    It's all about making the monthly mortgage and finance payments, eh? It sure is with me! icon_wink.gif

    Highest compliments on your new-found acclaim!
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    Thanks for your upbeat message about how important learning and certification is. I needed to hear that!

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