Doctoral student: need to survey cybersecurity certified SMEs...

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Hey y'all. Just discovered this forum, and it's awesome.

Why I'm here is I'm working on a PhD in cybersecurity and need to get certified cybersecurity subject matter experts (CEH, CISSP, etc) to take some surveys on end-user knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) in the workplace. The first survey is fairly quick, 10-15 minutes, just validating the initial KSA list.

Is anyone on here feeling generous and willing to hook me up? I need like 20 more responses for the first survey. Where would be a good place to search for these SMEs? I've contacted over 100 from my own network, have less than a 10% response rate. This going to be a looooong summer! LOL



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    I know your pain ;)

    send me link..
    I'm just doing my job, nothing personal, sorry
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    I can't say thank you enough. Much appreciated.

    I'm new to the forum, am I allowed to PM yet? Don't have an option to send you anything...
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    How are you receiving your responses and how are you conducting your survey? Are you saying you will send an excel file with questions and we will answer them and then sent it back to you?
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    Good question. I should have elaborated. It's a Google Forms survey.
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    I'd be willing to participate. However, do you have any way to validate your credentials? New user, Sec+ as only listed cert (and for a Dr. program in cybersecurity). Not that I don't believe you, except "Trust but verify" is a good thing I like to go by.

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    I totally hear you. icon_wink.gif I'm actually pretty nervous about getting trolled, which is why I'm not just posting the link.

    I have no problems sharing my LinkedIn info and will accept networking requests on there, if that helps.
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    Feel free to send me the info. My wife is getting ready to defend her dissertation, so I know what you're going through and am happy to help!
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    How do I send a PM on here? I'm a restricted because I'm a noobie?
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    OK, I have to log 10 posts, then I can PM. Will send those links shortly. Thanks again, y'all. I REALLY REALLY appreciate the help. I'll write-up TechExams in my acknowledgements.
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    Looks like that portion of the site isn't automated, have to wait on admins. Thanks again...
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    I sent you invitation in LinkedIn.
    You can PM me there survey link
    I'm just doing my job, nothing personal, sorry
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