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Hey folks. I took a contract job and was hired on as a Help Desk Administrator; however, I am definitely doing more then a normal HD tech. I am working out of Active Directory troubleshooting, building OU's, security groups, DLs, dealing with permissons and playing with Exchange Manager. I also write alot of tickets up and take phone calls. Someone said we are tier 2 or 3 help desk, but i feel that title locks me into another help desk job.

Would it be wrong of me to title myself as Help Desk/Junior System Admin?


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    I would say would be wrong because that is not the job title they hired you on for. There are many Tier 3 Help Desk who does the AD work, but they are still Help Desk. If you would apply for another job, and the employer verifies your previous or current employment, they may find that you lied about your title, and that might hurt you. Different people have different meanings for Systems Admin. My opinion is to leave the title as is, but on your resume, list EVERYTHING that you do in detail. Please keep in mind that the title Help Desk Administrator is different than Help Desk Technician or Help Desk my opinion. The title will not hurt you, but as long as you place all of what you do on your resume, you will get the keyword hits. Do not get wrapped up in titles. It's just a title. Just make sure under that title, you stress the job duties and responsibilities.

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    Famos! Thanks for your info on this! You make some valid points. I'm just trying to gather info and advice before i start applying again in a few months.
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    I have worked a couple jobs in low end IT, first was help desk, then second was "Level II PC Tech" which involved some help desk but mainly installing software on laptops, such as Ultamico Safegaurd easy, and my third job, which is a downgrade in job responsibilities to a "IT Move technician" (moving printers, other computer equipment, but has paid me the most out of the other two.

    It seems if you don't have real specialized experience in IT, you will start out with grunt work help desk. It hurts, definately a dead end position and some of the worst **** you could deal with through end users and countless stories to tell/b!tch about during lunchbreak.
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