Passed Network+!

NissekiNisseki Member Posts: 160
I passed first time this morning with a score of 742!

Common 3 things I hear everyone say about the exam is that it's mega hard, the wording of the questions didn't make sense and resources they used didn't cover the exam.

Personally I found the exam okay. There were easy questions, some hard questions and some I had to guess because I genuinely didn't know the answer.

I used a variety of resources, I recommend Professor Messer for videos and his notes. I also used a free trial for Safari Books which had eBooks for Exam Cram and the certification guide by Kevin Wallace (there's others but no chance to read them). Transcender for practice tests.

I didn't enjoy Mike Meyer's book and video course, it didn't go in depth.

Many thanks to everyone on this forum for their help.


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