2820 Switches

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Hello, I was wondering what people thought of this model of switch. I've never used one, and to me they seem a lot like a 1900. The reason I am asking is I am curious to see if it is something to know for a test like the CCNA. I have access to 2950 switches, should I even bother with 2820s?


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    I think the 2820 switches were just 1900's with some added functionality. They're not going to be much help with any CCNA studies.

    A good two-switch lab would combine a 2900 and a 2950. The 2950 gives you access to the latest command set and the 2900 would allow you to practice trunking between the two switches. Of course two 2950's are better, but using a 2950/2900 combo would save you some money.
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    i used 2900xls during the NA, duing the NP i added a 2950
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    Excellent, definetly what I wanted to hear. I really didn't want to fool around trying to remember which command worked with which switch! (well unless I had 1900s or 2820s at work or something)

    Thanks for the replies.
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    Yeah don't even bother with the 1900/2800 series switches, they aren't on the current CCNA exams.
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