SEC511 or CISSP bootcamp? (Quick feedback appreciated!)

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Hi all,

I may very soon have the opportunity to sign up for either the SANS SEC511 or a CISSP bootcamp. I'm just starting as a Security Analyst and so far working mostly in incident response and vulnerability management. I currently have my A+, Net+, Sec+ and GISF.

I know there's a TON of factors that go into this, but was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for which training course to consider? Any general feedback to help make the decision would be appreciated!
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    Do you have 5 years of security experience that's required to be a CISSP? Without the experience, you can't use the CISSP title, you can only use the Associate of ISC2 title I believe.

    Is your job paying for this? If so, I'd go with the SEC511. You can find tons of CISSP online for free or cheap.
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    Absolutely take the SANS course. As was mentioned, you can self study for the CISSP, and you may not even qualify for the full cert. The SANS course will actually help you to do your job better and it's not exactly easy to self study for.
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    SEC511 is my recommendation and it's not even a difficult choice.

    I have both the CISSP and the GMON (SEC511 is prep for GMON exam). SEC511 is an excellent course for security analysts, I took it recently, you will learn actual skills you can apply on the job immediately after.

    The CISSP is not very bootcamp friendly...8 security domains to cover in 5 days in a classroom of people with varying degrees of experience from total newbs on up = 40 hours of Powerpoint slides with a bunch of people who are only there because they need the cert because of DoD 8570 = waste of time and money. My two cents.
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