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Hi All,
To all my friends over here I passed my CCNA yesterday with 920/1000 I took the 2 exam way and man am I glad its over now. I owe a lot to this forum for getting important information. So as a sign of gratitude I want to share with all my journey through the torturous jungle of CCNA.

As a MS student I had a lot of timing issues with my school studies and CCNA so I opted for the 2 step CCNA. So if you want to succeed follow these steps and you will be successfull:-
1. Read the CCNA Odom Book at least 3 times. Yes thats right 3 times minimum. the book is very simple and CCNA questions are from that book nowhere else. Consult Lammels books just for chapters STP and VLAN.
2. Buy a good testing package. Do all the questions religiously till you start getting 90% and above in there.
3. Be an expert in subnetting there are a tons of sites and tutorials on the net for you to master them. but trust me the subnetting chapter in Wendell's Intro book is more then enough if you have really understood it.
4. Do questions from some good question bank, in your spare time. but I think those Q&A Books overprepare you and sometimes confuse you more.
5. Be confident Cisco wants you too pass. they dont want you to have a psychotic breakdown worrying about it. Know your stuff inside out and you will pass easily.

For me the most Important topics on the exam if I had to rate them were:-
1. STP
3. OSPF/EIGRP- even though in simulations you probably might run into RIP.
4. Subnetting
5. ACL- Extended specially.
6. NAT
7. ICMP- actually Lammels book has good stuff for this.

Rest all is also important but this is what I think was the breakdown for my exam.
Commands that are important:-
1. Show runn
2. Show cdp neighbor Detail.
3. Show vlan

and many more show commands but these are the most important ones I thought.
I hope this helped for future CCNA aspirants. Thanks again to the Moderators here for there tutorials and helpfull hints.
I shall be starting for my CCNP once the new format comes out in January.
Thanks to all my friends here and best of luck for your exams.
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    How long did it take for you to study doing the 2 exam approach?
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    Congratulations! icon_thumright.gif

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    Is ISDN covered much anymore?? I hear conflicting reports.

    I have chapters of it to read. I see it on the guidelines... But I hear no one speak of it.
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    nice work, congratz...
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    Congrats on passing your CCNA.

    I plan to take the CCNA at the end of Jan 07. You're right, there is so much info out there it's confusing.

    Ed Cogswell
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    Hi guys,
    thanks for all the congrats, so a few memebers asked me some questions so here goes:-
    1. As I am a full time MS student it took me a while to do it. dont ask me about the Intro paper preperation that took a long time fo rme to do as at that time I did not even know whether I wanted to do CCNA someone pushed me into it so I did it. But for the ICND course it was just straight 4 weeks of dedicated studies. I highlighted evrything important in the first read and after that for the next 3 times I just read that. But in hindsight I guess I bought a study package which actually cleared all my fundamentals more. My advice dedicated 4 weeks + brwsing the net for info is the formula for success.

    2. About ISDN dont sweat too much about it. Know the basics like protocols involved etc. but read up on Frame relay they ask you a lot of convulated questions regarding FR.

    Hope this helps.
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